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Autism support group for parents – AIC Eindhoven
11 december 202319:30 - 21:00
Noord-BrabantWijkhuis de Dommel Bennekelstraat 131 5654 DD Eindhoven

On Monday the 11th of December, Autism Information Centre (AIC) Eindhoven organizes an autism support group for parents who have a child with autism in the age of 0-20 years. When you have a child with autism, the impact on your life can be big. And when you live in Holland and you don’t speak the Dutch language, it’s even harder to find information and to find the right help for your situation; for your child and for your family.

That’s why AIC Eindhoven organizes this evening: for all parents who want to meet other parents that have children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This evening will be in English. Connecting with families of children with similar needs can offer encouragement and insight into raising a child with autism. Other parents are also often the best source for information on community resources.

This meeting will be led by our volunteers, who all have experience with autism in their own life and family. These volunteers will try to answer the questions you have about finding your way in the Dutch system when it comes diagnosis, therapy, education, support etc.

You have to register for this support group by pressing the link below.
If you have any questions, please contact us: coordinatoreindhoven@nva-nb.nl



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